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The idea of making your money work as hard you do is appealing to all of us! Unfortunately though if you have money sitting in a deposit account in the current climate it won’t be. This is because deposit rates are currently at historical low levels and below inflation rates.
Did you know that the best way to get inflation-beating returns over the long term is by possibly looking at investing in the some of your savings in Investment Bonds through a variety of institutions including BCP Asset Management Limited, Zurich Life, New Ireland Assurance, Irish Life, etc?
But, for most of us, investing in sovereign and commercial bonds, shares, commercial property, energy, alternative markets, commodities and derivatives can seem daunting. We hear people talk about these investment areas, but how do you go about investing in these, how do you know which assets to pick and when should you sell? An easy and simple way for you to access the growth potential of these funds is through a Savings and Investment Bond from one of the institutions above.
The great thing about these Bonds is that they remove tough questions and gives an easy way for individuals to access stock markets, company shares, bonds and property.
Of course, all investors are different – some want to guarantee their investment, others are more ambitious and want to invest in assets with a higher potential for growth, even if that means taking on more risk. As a result, not all investment funds will be right for everyone. Because of this, the above institutions have classified investors and their funds into risk categories, so that you can find the combination of funds that most suits your needs…

What Type Of Investor Are You?

Find out which type of investor best suits your needs

  • Are you a Capital Secure Investor?
  • Are you a Growth Investor?
  • Are you an Active Growth Investor?
  • Are you a Geared Investor?

Different investors want different things from their money – but all investors have one thing in common – they are all looking for their money to grow. But investors will differ in the level of risk that they are willing to take on in order to achieve greater returns – some people will want to be completely sure they will get back all of their original investment, others will be more comfortable with taking on different levels of risk.
The chart below shows the relationship between risk and return and which general type of fund suits different investors:


Investment Strategies: balancing risk and reward

Below sets out the broad risk/reward categories into which many investors fall:

Warning: The value of your investment may go down as well us up. you may get back less than you put in.

Warning: If you cash in your investment before the agreed terms you may lose some or all the money you put in.